Wire Forming And Shaping Tooling

Whether you are flattening, shaping or drawing, you can rely on Elizabeth Carbide Components various Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic and Tool Steel Wire Forming Tooling and Carbide Draw Dies to meet your expectations.

Carbide Draw Dies
Elizabeth Carbide Components produces the highest-quality tungsten carbide draw dies in many shapes including, hexagonal, rectangle, round, square and other custom configurations. We have facilitated many custom carbide draw dies needs for companies throughout the U.S. Our experienced engineering team and production facility technicians and staff will work with you to meet your custom carbide draw dies specifications and exceed your expectations.

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Wire Forming Tooling One Large

Types Of Wire Forming And Shaping Tooling

  • Turkshead Rolls
  • Flattening Rolls
  • Curling Rolls
  • Shaping Rolls
  • Capstan Rolls
  • Carbide Draw Dies
  • Forming Dies
  • Shaving Dies
  • Draw Plugs
  • Other
Wire Forming Tooling Two Large
Wire Shaping Tooling Three Large